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THE HELM: Motherhood: Women to Watch” (9.20.18)

“Daresha Kyi: Director & Producer, Mama Bears, A soon to be released documentary featuring a group of Christian moms whose conservative point of views are transformed by embracing their LBGTQ kids.”

REALSCREEN: IDA awards $850,000 to journalistic docs” (9.17.18)

“Twelve projects have been selected, with two remaining anonymous. . . . In Mama Bears, Daresha Kyi follows the conservative, Christian mothers of LGBTQ children working together to support and affirm their children’s identities.”

IDA PRESS RELEASE: IDA Awards $850,000.00 To Journalistic Documentaries” (9.17.18)

“Next week at Getting Real ‘18, the International Documentary Association (IDA) premiere field-building gathering, the IDA will introduce a cohort of 12 films receiving the IDA’s Enterprise Production Fund.”

Between the lines: "Moms Who Love LGBTQ Kids Create 'Mama Bears' Documentary" (4.4.18)

"Helmed by award-winning filmmaker Daresha Kyi, [Mama Bears] will take a closer look at how this group of women – aka “Mama Bears” – found community and a new lens for faith when they chose to embrace their LGBTQ children."


"Kyi: 'Stories have the power to move people in unexpected ways. When viewers identify strongly with the characters portrayed in movies, they can be inspired to take similar actions in their own lives, especially when those characters are real people. They think, If she can do it, I can too!' "