"The dramatic, soulful interpretations of Mexican lesbian singer Chavela Vargas paved the way for women seeking equality in a traditionally male world. A renowned nightclub performer reduced to alcoholic impoverishment, Vargas made a triumphant comeback in her 70s that secured her reputation as an artist of uncompromising passion and independence."

DailyXtra: "Five queer films you don’t want to miss at Hot Docs 2017" (04.25.17)

"Starting from an interview Gund did with Vargas in 1992, the film is equal parts queer liberation tale and moving redemption story. . . .Deep and haunting, simultaneously powerful and drenched in pain, Vargas’s unique sound provides the perfect soundtrack for her own story; a woman who became a radical figure in Mexican queer history simply because she refused to conform."

Variety: "Music Box Lands Chavela Vargas Documentary for U.S., Plans October Release" (04.24.2017)

"Music Box Films has bought U.S. rights to the documentary Chavela and plans an October theatrical release."

Latin Lover: "Pair successfully directs Chavela, the story of an idiosyncratic star" (04.19.2017)

"How does one pay a cinematographic tribute to an icon such as Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, who embodies utter simplicity and utmost complexity at the same time?  This is what filmmakers Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi achieved with their documentary Chavela, a moving and thought-provoking portrait of the enigmatic singer who helped change the way we see ranchera music and who redefined what it means to be a female singer in the macho world of Mexico."

Cronica Jalisco: "Chavela, the most praised documentary" (03.19.2017)

" 'For me, Chavela Vargas lives - as the shaman always said she would not die - that she moved to another place, and I feel she did not die,' says Daresha Kyi, one of the filmmakers behind the documentary film Chavela, which was presented at the Festival International Film Festival in Guadalajara (FICG) in the midst of a standing ovation for this love letter to one of the most beloved interpreters in the country."

20 minutos: "The documentary Chavela reveals unpublished material of the singer" (03.16.2017)

"Daresha Kyi, also the producer of the film, shared that she decided to bet on this project because she was impressed by the strength of Mexican singer Chavela Vargas."

 El Siglo de Torreón: "Chavela Vargas 'still alive' " (03.16.2017)

"Daresha Kyi, American director and producer, talked about the experience of paying tribute to the artist forever. 'We wanted to show how Chavela was and create an homage of love to a very important and unique woman.' "

UNIVERSIDAD DE GUADALAJARA: "Documentary of Chavela Vargas will conquer hearts in 'Son de Cine' of FICG 32" (03.16.2017)

"At the Berlin Film Festival, Chavela Vargas did what she knew how to do in life: touching people's hearts and tearing out their soul's tears. She will now do so at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara (FICG 32), through the documentary Chavela, and later in several countries, where viewers will fall under the spell of this legendary singer."

Informador: "The chiaroscuro of Chavela" (03.2017)

"The mythical interpreter of 'La llorona' is portrayed in a different light through a documentary that arrives at the FICG."

New Renaissance Film Festival: "Interview with the Directors of Chavela" (02.2017)

"New Renaissance Film Festival interview directors Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi about Chavela, which gets its premiere in the Netherlands on Saturday 4th March 2017, at the New Renaissance Film Festival, Amsterdam."

Screen Daily"Berlin Film Festival 2017: Screen's top 11 movies." (02.21.2017)

“This depiction of the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas’ chequered life turns out intensely celebratory, and will send fans and newcomers alike rushing to the back catalogue of a great vocalist.”

The Guardian"Berlin Film Festival 2017 Roundup: an SOS for a World Without Walls" (02.19.2017)

"Unmissable...probably Donald Trump's ultimate nightmare- a Mexican lesbian diva who can wring your very soul."

Berlinale International Film Festival: "Press Releases Awards 67th Berlin" (02.18.2017)

Chavela wins the 2nd place Panorama Audience Award Panorama Dokumente 2017!

El Mundo"Chavela: 'Macha', Free and Proud." (02.14.2017)

"In a society as misogynistic as that, a lesbian had no place . But Chavela managed to be the most 'macho' among the males, she defined herself by smoking like a chimney and drinking as if there were no tomorrow."

The Huffington Post"Chavela Vargas Documentary RECEIVEs Good Reviews at Berlinale." (02.13.2017)

"A work that projects the life and work of the most Mexican Costa Rican."

Hollywood Reporter: "Chavela: Film Review | Berlin 2017" (02.12.2017)

"A trailblazing free spirit whose appetite for tequila and women was as legendary as her soul-stirring vocals."

Variety"Berlin Film Review: Chavela" (02.11.2017)

"Legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas receives justifiably laudatory treatment in this documentary celebrating her refusal to compromise together with her musical brilliance."

La Jornada"The Berlinale receives documentary on Chavela Vargas with great emotion." (02.11.2017)

"The reception at Berlin was unbeatable: the theaters for the screenings were sold out and a long and emotional applause crowned the premiere."

El Pais: "My name is Chavela Vargas. Do not forget." (02.11.2017)

"Chavela is an exceptional documentary because in 90 minutes it focuses on the image and life of the artist without shrinking away from her contradictions, her pains (she died still enraged because of her mother's lack of love for her), her passions and her talent. Yesterday in Berlin the applause was well deserved."

Screen Daily"Chavela: Berlin Review" (02.11.2017)

"Certainly, films about the expression of agony rarely feel this uplifting."

Remezcla"This Moving Doc Is a Celebration of Mexico’s Feminist Musical Icon Chavela Vargas" (02.09.2017)

"After the singer’s death, Gund began to revisit the tapes and found a treasure trove of raw, authentic Chavela contained within the fading magnetic tape. Teaming up with Kyi, an old friend and fellow filmmaker, Gund set out to bring the tapes back to live within the context of Chavela’s career and living legacy."

La Jornada"Premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival, documentary about Chavela Vargas." (01.18.2017)

"Chavela is a tribute to the performer, whose extraordinary talent took her to the concert halls of the world."

Panarmenian"Berlin Film Fests unveils full lineup for its Panorama documentary sidebar." (01.18.2017)

"The Berlin Film Festival has unveiled the full lineup for its Panorama documentary sidebar, adding more than a dozen world premieres to its nonfiction selection...Among the docs that will first unspool in Berlin this year are...Chavela by Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi, is an homage to the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas."

Mangazo Digital"World premiere of Chavela in the Panorama section of the Berlinale" (01.17.2017)

"The documentary about the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas by Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi will have its world premiere in the Panorama Dokumente section of the Berlinale, the organizers of the event announced today."

Berlinale International Film Festival: "Press Release: PANORAMA DOKUMENTE – SELECTION IS COMPLETE" (01.17.2017)

Chavela is announced as part of the 67th Panorama section!

Screen Daily News"US Briefs: Women In Film unveils film finishing grantees" (11.17.2016)

Chavela receives support from the Women in Film Finishing Fund!

National Endowment for the Arts: "FY 2016 Spring Grant Announcement" (04.26.2016)

Chavela receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts!